Cat Wranglers, formed in 2011, our mission is to rescue stray cats; provide caring homes; and offer low cost spay/neuter options for pet owners in need.

Rescue and care of stray and abandoned cats and kittens, providing medical care and sanctuary. Low cost spay/neuter options for pet owners in need. Trapping services for help managing feral colonies.

We have been rescuing and taking in feral and stray cats for over 25 years, at our own expense and countless hours. We became a non-profit 501c3 in 2011. This allowed us to receive much needed discounts at veterinary offices to help provide medical care and to get the lowest pricing possible on spay and neuter to help reduce the stray cat population in our area. We believe that cats are not disposable and each cat deserves a chance at a loving home, proper medical care, full tummy and a warm windowsill to soak up the sun and watch the world from a safe perspective. We have taken in many cats over the years, most of them problem cats, semi-feral and feral, who need work to become socialized and comfortable with humans. We do have some great cats available for adoption to approved homes. Adoption forms can be requested.

General Information
We appreciate donations in any amount and also need donations of cat toys, beds, carriers, old blankets and towels. Every bit helps. At this time our rescue is full and can no longer accept more cats. We can try to help find solutions if you have a cat that needs placing and can post photos for adoption. We can also help set up low cost spay and neuter appointments. We are also available to help trap if arrangements are needed to manage a feral colony or to recover a frightened cat that has gotten out. We have many years of experience in trapping and working with feral cats.